Deceuninck Fully Reversible Window

The Deceuninck Fully Reversible Window is ideal for your commercial, social housing, education or healthcare contracts.  Where the specification calls for a reversible window or easy clean feature, this window guarantees great margins with a quality, high-specification product.  Any commercial building needing easy to clean and functional windows suits the Deceuninck fully reversible window.  You can even use it in dwellings thanks to its larger vent sizes than other casement windows.  Part of our 2500 range of quality trade supply upvc windows. 

Fully Reversible Window Close up

Deceuninck Fully Reversible Window

First of all, the increased sizes over conventional casement windows are the first stand-out feature.  Window vent sizes to up to 1400mm wide and 1400mm high. As a result, these windows offer easy cleaning of the large panes but also provide large window sizes for a modern window look. With large vents also comes excellent weight-bearing properties.  Each window has an 80kg weight limit.

Smart design comes with functionality on the new Deceuninck Fully Reversible Window.  Turn the handle and open the window outwards just like a conventional casement window. Then release the catches on the special friction stays and effortlessly rotate the entire vent.  The outside pane rotates to inside the room letting you clean easily and quickly.

Best of all, moving the fitting position away from the gearing means the fixing doesn’t interrupt the rotation of the window.

Reasons to buy for the installer and specifier.

Competitive prices, outstanding service and fast delivery times ensure your commercial and refurbishment projects completed on time.  Our commercial expertise means we understand the fast-pace and specifier-driven commercial market.  As a result, buying your windows from Pioneer Trading means great prices for increased margins.  You also get our dependable deliveries, letting you schedule your installations knowing your windows come on time.

For new build and refurbishment projects, a range of existing ancillaries, cill profiles, couplers and other sections means less material and an integrated complete system. As well as this, our sophisticated manufacturing, quality processes and trade supply expertise result in fewer delays for you.

Your installations are better too.  Thanks to clever design, you get flexible fixing options.  Choose from lug or screw-fitting, simple to clip glazing beads and easy adjustment.

  • Deceuninck Fully Reversible WindowClever design with consistent and balanced sightlines for a better-looking window.
  • Multi-chamber profiles for the best in energy efficiency and overall performance for your clients.
  • Durable surface finishes or quality foils also with low-maintenance.
  • Choose from white, plain foil, woodgrain finishes, heritage colours or contemporary shades.

These fully integrated also work within commercial curtain walling, ground floor screens and other systems where you still require a reversible window.



The Heritage 2800 window and door system are fully compatible with all standard security hardware, with both windows and doors achieving enhanced security standard PAS 24.

Deceuninck Fully Reversible Window products come with standard or enhanced security to meet your building and client specifications.

Weather Performance

Size Tested 1.4 x 1.4
Air Permeability Class A4
Rating 600 Pa
Water Tightness Class 9A
Rating E 1050 Pa
Wind Resistance Class A5
Rating AE 2400 Pa

Coloured PVCu Windows.

The Deceuninck system comes with a full range of colours called Colourways.  These not only offer you multiple colour options, but also the same fast lead times as white windows.

We offer you quality-made coloured or woodgrain windows from stock.  Choose from white, woodgrain or wood effect windows.  Every coloured window comes with a high quality look, durable surfaces and a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Get your fast window prices today.

Our new Fully reversible window is marketed by Decueninck and us as  ‘tender breaker and margin maker’. It sets new standards in U-Values, and its security is as good as it gets. Getting a price from Pioneer Trading is easy. Our diverse customer base of installers, builders and developers trust us to deliver quality products on time. We know you often face tight project deadlines and this is where we help you.

Five simple steps are all it takes to get a quote for supply only windows. We then get back to you quickly with a quote and lead time. Win more sales and improve your margins with windows from Pioneer Trading

  • PAS 24 badgeYour window sizes, styles and designs with mullion/transom dimensions, viewed from the outside.
  • The frame colour or your frame colour inside and out if different.
  • Window handle colour and style or contact us for more information on our availability.
  • Choose any accessories such as trickle vents, cills, trims and add-on sections.
  • Your required glass thicknesses (24mm, 28mm, 32mm & 36mm double
    or triple glazed units) and whether glazed or unglazed.

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