Our contemporary flat rooflights, skylights and walk on glass let you complete your new extension and renovation projects with contemporary products designed to add light from above. Innovative glass products, designed to resist the weather, with strong and durable glass, having a slimline and near frameless appearance.

Our large scale, non-opening skylights are high-quality, come with self-cleaning glass with virtually no maintenance for you. Your interior comfort is also better thanks to excellent insulation, light transmission and noise reduction.

Fixed rooflights from Style windows offer the perfect way to transform a room.

Features of Flat Rooflights from Style Windows.

Fixed rooflights are non-opening giving you an affordable way to add natural light into your room. An optional opening model additionally provides ventilation, freshening the air in your room.

  • Flexible sizes from 250mm up to 3000mm mean there’s a size and style for your home.
  • Discreet upstand creates a minimal look in your modern or traditional home. A sleek glass product that looks great from inside or outside your home.
  • Carefully designed pitch ensures pooling water is avoided giving you more vision and clarity all year round.
  • Planning and preparing for your new rooflight is also easy thanks to a choice of bespoke or made to order sizes. A flexible and adaptable product to consider at the design stage of your project.

The glass in your new flat rooflight comes with safety and peace of mind for you. Toughened glass outside and laminated glass inside keep you safe. Options include clear glass, low energy units, as well as tinted and solar-control options.

Other glass specifications include a choice of double or triple glazing. Both glass options come with warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. As a result, both double or triple glazed rooflights offer outstanding low U-Values and energy efficiency.

Finally, to protect external seals from weather and sunlight, a specialist edge protection ensures long service life and UV protection.

Flood your home with light, elegance and create a beautiful new space. Rooflights from Style windows having our professional installation, personal service and a long-guarantee.

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