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Commercial Construction


The importance of light and heat is at the very centre of what we do. Allowing good, natural light into a room or office can have an extremely profound effect on employees or residents.

Our Products

Equally, good insulating materials, including glazing, optimises energy consumption helping to maintain a constant ambient temperature. Pioneer Commercial provides these adaptable and versatile solutions in the form of a safe, secure, and professional installation of both uPVC and Aluminium windows/doors.

Project Management

From architects' drawings, right through to the full installation, Pioneer Commercial are able to complete the work in the projected timeframe, replete with high-performing products, superior fabrication, and professional installation, giving any building the finish and performance it requires.

Why Pioneer Commercial?

Glass and Glazing Products

Our capacity ranges from aluminium shopline products and curtain walling for businesses. Aluminium or uPVC windows and doors for residential & commercial buildings. We have experience installing in social housing, flats, government buildings, hospitals, schools, businesses etc.

Pioneer Presence

The Pioneer group consists of a multitude of disciplines. All relevant to one another, they combine and drive the continued growth and success of Pioneer Commercial. We believe that complete ownership of a task leads to a thorough, and well-executed job. To complete a project Pioneer Commercial understands what is required. We also know that procedures and certification are as important as the products we install. This ensures we provide a dependable full-service sub-contract capability.

Expertise & Experience

Commercial Product Expertise

When committed to a project, Pioneer Commercial undertake the full installation and can draw upon a wealth of experience of several companies under our umbrella. Each organisation has lengthy independant experience and are experts in their relevant field:

  • Quote
  • Survey
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control

Get on the phone to us now for a competitive quote - just call 01245 362236 or if you prefer you can use our Web Enquiry Form and we will answer any enquiries that you may have.

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