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Yale Bi-Directional Blade Window Lock

Yale Blade Window Lock

Pioneer Trading Company has just upgraded its security locking systems on all window products and now provides the new 'Yale Blade Bi-Directional Window Lock'.

This improved security lock has aluminium construction, providing enhanced security, longer life expectancy and simplified installation and maintenance, providing peace of mind for your existing and future customers.

Tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 4 (240 hours NSS) and endurance tested to 30,000 cycles, Yale Blade comes with all the assurance you would expect. Exceeding PAS24 requirements, the lock also comes with Secured by Design accreditation. Yale Blade even comes with a 12-year mechanical guarantee.

The Blade is a unique fully retractable window lock, removing the common issues of cam clash and keep alignment found with other styles of lock.

The innovative design allows pre-drilling for keep alignment reducing fabrication time, the system also allows separate installations of the keep and lock prior to the hanging of the sash to deliver greater flexibility and efficiency during fabrication.

The unique rotating action of the lock provides users with a smooth and easy to close window, with minimum wear to components, leading to a long service life with no loss of compression.


  • Innovative fully retractable "blade" locking bar
  • Extremely fast and easy it fit
  • Eliminates cam clash Gearbox cartridge allows simple handling selection of the lock
  • Fits sash rebate sizes between 400mm and 1599mm*
Note: *The sash rebate can go down to 260mm with our single directional lock.


  • BS EN 1670 Grade 4 corrosion resistance (240 hours Natural Salt Spray)
  • Tested to a minimum 30,000 cycle operational lifespan
  • 12-year mechanical guarantee

For more information on this product from Yale, view our online Technical Specification PDF (provided courtesy of Yale).

This new specification is the new definition of security and performance for the future.

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