Signature Range


Our flagship product is the"Signature Window"utilising our unique and exclusive Sash and easy bead system with many features and benefits listed below:

Signature Window Labelled 

Signature window Labelled

  1. Super slim sightlines
  2. The industry's most energy efficient windows
  3. High performance warm-edge technology sealed unit
  4. Unique and supple gasket material
  5. Unique shaped bead using the same feature to match the frame
  6. Internally glazed for security
  7. Extra seal for added insulation and weather proofing, strength and fixing
  1. Industry-first, innovative internal cell structure adding exponentially to strength and energy efficiency
  2. Enhanced drainage and added strength
  3. 3mm sidewall thickness increases durability
  4. Energy efficient WER bar reinforcer for added strength, insulation and fixing
  5. Industry-high gloss and smoothest surface finish ensures reduced maintenance and easy cleaning

Benefits of becoming a Signature Installer:


By becoming a Signature installer you are guaranteed exclusivity in your area, meaning nobody else will be able to offer this product, giving you the edge over your competition

Marketing Support including:

    • Business & Marketing Advice - We can guide you on ways to improve your business through effective marketing strategies with our expert in house marketers
    • Branded Brochures - Get Signature brochures featuring your logo and information to give to customers or take to appointments
    • Graphics - We have a wide array of graphics you can use for advertising purposes
    • Samples - We provide you with our own branded window samples to show to customers
    • Showroom Support - Windows, Doors and Conservatory displays

Get on the phone to us now for a competitive quote - just call 01245 362236 or if you prefer you can use our Web Enquiry Form and we will answer any enquiries that you may have.

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