Bi-Folding Doors

Bifold door cutout Bifold door fully open Bifold door partially open

Our extensive range of energy efficient Aluminium Bi-folding Doors are mostly used in hotels and restaurants, stores and in private houses, in order to open a complete wall to create a larger space in the summer. The system is also interesting for conservatories to use as a screen you can open completely in summer times.

The thermally broken folding door system is designed to allow for maximum thoroughfare through an opening.  The system is built up using a frame in which movable parts or elements are placed in such a way that it is possible to fold up the elements to the left or right. These elements or sashes are supported and hinged to a mullion. At the bottom the mullion is supported by a roller mechanism which slides along the cill profile while at the top, the mullion is guided by another roller mechanism. There are many possible combinations of elements and opening sashes. light in a refined space.

Bi-Folding Door Styles

Aluminium styles
doors-bifoldSuitable for both domestic retail purposes, it provides high security with a wide choice of sizes.

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uPVC styles
doors-pvcubifoldSuitable for both domestic and residential purposes, it provides high security, wide choice of openings, and a large choice of colours and finishes.

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